About Me

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About the artist..

Tamworth based Artist Claire Fulford studied Animation in Hull originally having always been drawn to cartoons. Later, with the help of The Princes Trust in 2006, she then started her own business Cartoonarts and began capturing her characters and stories onto canvas paintings rather than on screen. Due to public demand, she has since broadened her portfolio to include freelance illustration, various painted commissions and much more. Her work is adored by children and big kids alike.. After all, why should kids have all the fun?

Claire is currently working from home (like a poor hermit) as she now a proud Mummy of 1 year of Rosie (above).  She is taking a break from events and focusing on freelance work including children's books and commissions.  Sign up for the Cartoonarts mailing list to be kept up to date with Claire's artistic antics!

The Birth of 'Claire Bear'.. Where it all started.

During her Uni years, Claire was adopted by a gang of other 'freshers' who decided (rather annoyingly at the time) to call her Claire Bear..  Then one quiet afternoon whilst doodling (claire has always been a doodler), she without realising at the time created her first character that would later become to centre piece for her art business 'Cartoonarts'. 

Claire Bear was the first character painted back in 2006 and has since inspired a whole herd of wacky and friendly animals and designs..

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The Story of 'The Purple Cheese'...

Back at Uni, my animations, characters and stories were a little... cheesy shall we say! Plus Ive always been slightly obsessed and drawn to the colour purple.

This is the logo I designed to whack on my showreel when I graduated. So thats it; a very short & sweet tale.. 

Meeting HRH The Prince of Wales..


I was extremely proud to have met Prince Charles as part of the Young Ambassador Appreciation Day at St. James Palace on 5th July 2010.. After gaining financial support from The Trust to set up my business in 2006, I began public speaking to new young entrepeneurs to help them into business as one of The Trust's Ambassadors..