Art & Freelance Design by Artist Claire Fulford

retro ducks

Hello there..

My website showcases a wide selection of cartoon inspired art in the form of a few quirky Paintings, some Prints, and details of the various Freelance illustration Services I offer...

Not only can I lavish your walls with my lovable and bright character pieces, but I can also provide illustration for just about anything you need!

I have done numerous freelance projects for businesses, charities and individuals such as logo design, product / toy design, wallpaper, wrapping paper, greetings cards, children's books, murals, and loads more... Yep, Im a bit of a cameleon :)

Please stay and have a mooch.. perhaps I have just what you're looking for?..


Cartoon Claire x


What's It All About?

Well, as you've gathered Im a bit of a 'toon' lover...

I love the fun and bright things in life.. The simple things that cheer us up. That inspired me to start painting back in 2006 and since then my work has evolved into diverse and strange ways...

..which you all seems to be enjoying!